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Excerpts from OUTRIDER

“The nighttime landscape rumbled by, a saw-tooth of distant hills silhouetted against the purple sky and, closer, shadowy dunes and outcroppings. The sky was clear but moonless.”


“Is this… this is really your cause, Scofield? Your calling?” the leech gasped.

“Jesus, man. Enough with that.” Scofield reached down and grabbed Sebastian under the armpits, hauling him to his feet. He stepped back again, resting a palm on the pistol grip. “What’s your fuckin’ calling? Stealing electricity?”

“Taking power.”


The Mayor looked all of his fifty years. Not so much because he had aged poorly, but rather because for so long had he lived a life of privilege that his body was in general atrophy from disuse. His face was neither wrinkled nor well defined. He was a large man, but neither obese nor stout, caught somewhere in between. His eyes were sharp and piercing, his gaze more that of an appraiser than of an intellectual. He was constantly calculating, with his own gain firmly rooted at the right side of every equation.



In the near future, the New Las Vegas Sunfield will be one of many enormous solar farms to supply energy to the United States. At more than fifty miles long and two miles wide, the Sunfield generates an electromagnetic field so volatile that ordinary machinery and even the simplest electronic devices must be kept miles away from it. Thus, the only men who can guard the most technologically advanced power station on earth do so on horseback.

They are the Outriders.

Though the power supplied by the Sunfield is vast, access to that power comes with total deference to the iron-fisted will of New Las Vegas’s ruthless mayor, Franklin Dreg. Crisis erupts when Dreg’s quietly competent secretary, Timothy Hale, discovers someone has been stealing energy—siphoning it out of the New Las Vegas grid under the cover of darkness.

As the Outriders investigate, the scale of the thievery becomes clear: these aren’t the ordinary energy leeches – people who steal a few watts here or there. These are high-tech terrorists (or revolutionaries) engaged in a mysterious and dangerous enterprise and poised to bring down the entire energy grid, along with the millions of people it supports.

The pressure mounts and fractures appear within both the political leadership of New Las Vegas and in the tight-knit community of Outriders. With a potential crisis looming, the mysterious goal of the “Drainers” finally comes into focus. Only then do the Outriders realize how dangerous the situation really is.

Early Concept Art for OUTRIDER